Regional Governance

The structure of the company is based on the relationship with the two community alliance tables, the La Perouse Aboriginal Alliance and the Redfern Aboriginal Community Alliance. The Alliance groups operate in accordance with their respective terms of reference to deliver the shared objectives of Empowered Communities (EC). The Alliance groups comprise organisations that have opted-in to EC and other members as determined by the Alliances. It is at these two tables that the opt-in organisations design their respective community plans and EC priority areas. Opt-in organisations must meet certain eligibility criteria in order to sit at the tables.

Key function of ISEC Ltd.

The secretariat has been established to coordinate the implementation of the Empowered Communities framework for Indigenous empowerment in the Inner Sydney region. It will provide the supporting infrastructure to coordinate work among Empowered Communities partners and drive negotiating and implementing the first priorities and the long-term development agenda for the region.

The secretariat will provide overall strategic coherence and serve as a neutral convener to facilitate effective and robust dialogue between Indigenous stakeholders and between Indigenous, government and corporate partners.

Specific functions of the secretariat include:

  • Guidance

    Guiding the vision and strategy through professional facilitation, administration and secretariat functions

  • Support

    Supporting aligned activity by creating partnerships, collective efforts and increasing collaboration

  • Establish

    Establishing shared and agreed measurement practices and disseminating information

  • Build

    Building community consensus and commitment

  • Refine

    Constantly refining the method by taking an informed developmental approach.

Empowered Communities aims to;
  • To empower Indigenous individuals and families to achieve economic, social and cultural development

  • To achieve greater productivity from available resources and opportunities.